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Lobby Pop

Recast your waiting room in a powerful new role.

Capture attention, lift sales, and increase customer satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Your client’s first impression of your business doesn’t end at your front door. Your lobby or waiting room must maximize your message!

Your interior signage—walls, media centers, floor, displays – cannot be run of the mill. They cannot be lackluster—especially when every square footage is so costly. The bottom line is: You need to compete with the other chain stores, from "hello" to "good buy!"

The time is right for small and medium sized business to have access to the quality advertising edge that Fortune 100 companies enjoy. LobbyPOP Media Edutainment features the country's first custom videos designed to showcase your business.

The heart of LobbyPOP branding experience is our industry-tailored, quality content. This includes professional music scores, voice-overs, and evocative imagery - all beautifully presented in your lobby or waiting room, on flat panel HDTV systems along with promotional displays and murals. Elite Sign & Design can help you visualize the possibilities to transform your waiting room or lobby into a dynamic experience for your clients and make real impact on your bottom line.

What if your lobby or waiting room was utilized to entertain and educate your clients while they are waiting? LobbyPOP wil capture attention while lifting sales as much as 18 - 62% and reduce the perception of the wait time 40 - 60%! Could this increase customer satisfaction and help to elevate your company's profits? The answer is YES!

With LobbyPOP, the professional impression of your business doesn't end with your exterior signage or employees. It turns your very important lobby areas into a very resourceful "edutainment" center, an area where you can display your products, services, and advertisements.

Give your customers your best with this easy to order, easy to own package. LobbyPOP can be purchased outright or leased with affordable monthly payments. Adding custom wall murals, floor graphics, and promotional signage will turn your business from ordinary to extraordinary!

Visit to find out more or Call Elite Sign & Design today to get started! 806.368.3643

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